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About Swiss Spiritualist Church

The swiss spiritualist church has as it's mission statement the goal of bringing together this world, and the next, in union and communion with souls, for the purpose of supporting the precept of life after physical death. This relationship between both worlds has the purpose of enabling those in the spiritual world to be able to refelct their presence in our world. 


Our Principles and Philosophy


1. The essence of god

2. The role of humanity

3. The communication with the spirit world

4. The ongoing existence of the soul

5. Personal responsabitiliy with karma in motion

6. Progress forever open to all souls


Spiritual philosophy is a personal way of looking at, and understanding how we interact with all things and all dimensions of life, both here and beyond.

Spritiualism helps to give a sense, and growing understanding of many diverse views.

It's the experience of diversity, that free's spiritualism from religious creeds and dogmas.

Sprirtualism is thereby a living personal philosophy and life guideline.


Contained within spiritualism


Mediumship and the evidence should open a door to further curiosity study and understanding that the spiritual world brings to us through it's message. It's up to the individual to choose what they do with it once they have the information. On acceptance that there is life after death we can then continue our spriritual journey in understanding it's purpose.

Our services

5-6 Services a year / spiritual healing / weddings / funerals / namings


We do 5-6 times a year a services provided by a Minister. A spiritualist service contains a open prayer, an inspirational phylosophical talk, a demonstration of life after death, somes songs and a final prayer.


Spriritual Healing

Half a hour befor each service we provide spriritual Healing. There is always about 6 healers there to gives spiritual Healing. Its no need to book it. Just to come and enjoy the wonderful healing energy.


A Minister has the legal right to provide any ceremony as wedding, funeral and naming. It is done serios and with love.




21. january      with Medien Bill Coller und Claudia Zuccolo

11. march        with Medien Bill Coller und Claudia Zuccolo

17. june            with Medien Bill Coller und Claudia Zuccolo

30. september with Medien Bill Coller und Claudia Zuccolo

11. november  with Medien Bill Coller und Claudia Zuccolo

16. december  with Medien Bill Coller und Claudia Zuccolo

Our founders and organisators

Bill Coller

Minister SNU, Medium

Bill comes from a background that

is engineering based. Having served his apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer, he went on to train as a management consultant. Through this function he assisted many companies in their search for improvement.

Through-out this number of years in industry Bill also worked part-time as a spiritualist medium serving the spiritualist churches in various parts of the UK, & beyond.

During these last 25 years Bill was ordained as a Minister of Religion, & served as Regional President for Scotland & N Ireland, & laterally as Director for Trust Property plus Publicity & Public Relations at UK level.

For the last 18 years Bill has focused 100% on his mediumship travelling the world. Bill is used to working with people from other than English speaking backgrounds, including working with television, radio & the news media.

Claudia Zuccolo


I am a professional dancer and teacher with a masters degree in dance education. In my life and in my work I look for that moment when the heart expresses itself through 


At this time my focus in mediumship is diverse. One aspect is deep trance working with my team in the spiritual world. The other aspect is my mental mediumship in form of private readings, seminars and public demonstrations.

My focus for now and in the future is bringing the two worlds together mostly through private sittings, and to help people to overcome breavement and give guidence from the spiritual world on lifestyle issues.

My ongoing interest is in the education of both mediums and clients towards understanding how they can interact with their spiritual world through seminars both in switzerland and abroad.

I am the president and co-founder from the Swiss Spiritualist Church and the vice president of the "SPG" Schweizer Parapsyhologische Gesellschaft.

Vocabulary as reflected through the

Spiritualualists' National Union

Psychic ability:

The word Psyche is from the Greek language meaning ‘Soul’, hence Psychic is ‘of the Soul’. We, as physical beings, have a soul so we all have psychic abilities to some degree, however, it must be borne in mind that our abilities vary across many activities. A psychic can sense and interpret information about a person or object, but cannot, communicate with the Spirit World. 



Mediumship is the transfer of information from the spirit of a deceased person via a medium to a recipient. A medium is psychic but is also capable of communicating with people in the Spirit World through the further development of their psychic faculties. Communication with the Spirit World using mediumship is a means of enabling Spirit People, some of whom are our family and friends, to communicate with us to ensure us that they:


Have survived physical death,

Have retained their personality, character, mind, memories, etc.

Have continued to learn and develop in the Spirit World


Mediums cannot call up a particular Spirit person to communicate with us because, like ourselves, they can choose whether to communicate or not. Mediums do not all develop every form of Mediumship. Each medium’s abilities and qualities vary, because everyone is individual in their personal attributes.


Mental Mediumship:

Mental Mediumship involves the medium perceiving information via their psychic senses from a spirit person. This can manifest in several ways; they may receive visual (clairvoyance), auditory (clairaudience) or sensory information (clairsentience) including smell or taste. On occasion mediums simply know something by virtue of the information having been received in their mind without any form of sensory manifestation.


Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual Healing involves the use of healing energies being directed by Spirit people, via a medium, to assist a physical person to become healthier at all levels of being.


Physical Mediumship:

Physical mediumship is the ability of the Spirit people utilising the energy of a medium and others present, to create effects that can be witnessed by everyone present, whether they are mediumistic or not. This type of mediumship was much researched in the 19th century by various people, including eminent scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Fletcher Barrett and Sir William Crookes. The experiments that they carried out with mediums convinced them of the authenticity of the phenomena.


Interested in further reading and investigation of this history:
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